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The Adronicus Mastiff

The breed mainly consists of Mastiff types, which give it an excellent temperament, which is good with children, loving, devoted and a sweet disposition. Now is your opportunity to invest in one of the most extraordinary canines in the world. The Adronicus Mastiff is so exceptional in it's qualities that we hesitate to call this incredible animal a "dog". Many of the personal protection dogs have a tendancy to be headstrong, some even attempting to establish dominance over their owners. This dog has a brain and understands your authority. This amazing canine is more than a dog and will most definitely make you more than a mere dog owner. Many have commented on their stealth appearance and cat-like gait comparing them to panthers. Own a truly exotic rare breed that will most certainly have every head turning your direction. Call today and take advantage of the possibility of owning your own Adronicus Mastiff. With their owners they desire to be with you, and as some have commented, they seem to be almost mystical in their devotion to you, it is a primitive breed. The rarest of the rare, the king of all canine's!

The Adronicus Size:
Male:  large 100-140 lbs
Female:  80-110 lbs

General Information
This is a mastiff family protection dog and a primitive breed that is very rare. The Adronicus is one of the strongest mastiffs in the world pound for pound. Strength blended with gentleness is a very rare quality. Remember the Adronicus is not a timid animal and although not a fighting breed they will protect you and themselves when threatened. The Adronicus Mastiff takes about three and a half years to fully mature. They will go through awkward growing stages. The adult height is generally reached around fourteen months and they will continue to fill out with time. Training can begin as early as eight weeks. These dogs as puppies should be fed premium large breed puppy formula. Average lifespan is around 12 years.
The Adronicus is an incredible animal that is one of the best all around family canines.

The Adronicus Mastiff is a very expensive exotic rare breed. Because of the rarity, few people will ever even see one and fewer will ever own one. In fact no females are available for breeding currently to the general public. We do not want to ruin what has taken us years to create.

Puppy availabilty is limited. A $1,000 deposit will hold a puppy.

The Adronicus Mastiff was featured in the motion picture "The Hulk" and bred by Cary Mejia. I am the only breeder of the Adronicus Mastiff in the world. If someone informs you they breed the Adronicus then be assured they are fraudulently trying to take advantage of you and my breed which has taken years to create. This has happened before and will continue to happen in the future.
I would like to extend a special thanks to Raw Dawg for making Adronicus the official mascot for Raw Dawg Sports Energy drink.
- Cary Mejia

Final comments
The Adronicus Mastiff arguably the rarest mastiff in the world. I do not breed different types of dogs, I only breed the Adronicus. There are no mass production of this canine. There is only limited availability to qualified buyers on an annual basis. The Adronicus is an extreme dog for an extreme canine lover. A gentleman once said "a dog in a league of it's own". It is a real rawg dawg with power, courage combined with deep love and devotion for it's owner.
This is not a dog that would "look the part", this is the real rawg dawg. There is a difference.

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