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Fight fit - Is a full body workout ...that anyone can do depending on their level of fitness.

 Philosophy of fight fit: We were made to be active not sedated. We are made to use all  the muscles in our body, that’s why we have them ...Most workout methods use weights, working generally on one muscle group at a time. Standing in front of a mirror building muscles size and strength, so you can be strong and big. But that is all you are, strong and big. That doesn’t mean you are in any kind of condition real overall. Shape, Strength, cardio mobility, etc...Goes across fitness.

But fight fit is still different than any cross fit.  It combines cross fit with light weights and fighting of all styles wamu ,xoxo. Suva, and a few others, all done at a moderate pace...Three 4min rounds in a Octa –ring. The average workout time 12 to 18 min...Most semi conditioned men last from 7 to 9 min .....

Theology of fight fit fight or flight fighting is natural... THIS IS NOT FIGHTING.....I just adjust your natural defense and make it a fun workout experience one gets hurt. ....I believe fight fitness keeps you young & your body active and functioning all round. Something is released when you are fighting that is not released standing in front of mirror lifting weights.  Unlike working one body part at a time this is a full body workout for all ages has been called the great new full body workout..Want to...stay young body and heart... - Fight fit is for you.

Cary the originator of the Adronicus Fight Fitness     

Quote.  Of the week ....The graveyards are filled with men who are going to get in shape.  Cmaf


Dave 6"3 330lbs, Larence 5'10  210LBS, Kieth 5'11 205, Rick  6'2  247lbs

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